claire gold

Claire Gold

I am a skilled and experienced facilitator and trainer. For over a decade, I have worked within commercial, charity, education and public sectors. My clients have ranged from front line staff, team leaders, senior leadership teams to young people, women in crisis and parents.

Early in my career I became interested in helping people unleash their potential, create fulfilling lives and engage with meaningful work.

The workplace is often a challenging and complex environment. Robust interpersonal skills, high quality supervision and people management are essential if individuals and organisations are to perform at their best.

My training and coaching interventions are dedicated to empowering people to build productive relationships, be inspiring leaders and commit to continuing professional development.

My facilitation style is intuitive, empathetic and authentic. This allows me to create rapport quickly, sustain positive relationships and be at ease with challenge. This often results in others opening into their own journey of discovery, becoming more self-aware and excited about their increasing ability to be sensitive to their own and other people’s needs. My role as a counsellor with my own private practice lends a depth, sense of containment and sensitivity to my consulting and training work.

I am a responsible leader and believe very much in ‘as I lead, I am being lead’. My reflective practice is the foundation of my work and supports others in their own self-inquiry, which I regard as life’s most effective teacher. This includes working to increase inclusion, raise awareness of exclusionary practices and structures and listen to and learn from those who are marginalised. As I hold others to account, I expect to be held accountable.

I am committed to my own development, and supervision and professional conduct is central to my work ethic.

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