Cancellation Policy

In the case of having to cancel your event please be aware of the following:

Communication is most definitely key
As we thrive to tailor bespoke workshops for all of our clients, a lot of time and planning goes into design and recruitment of our best associates to deliver your workshops. This being said sometimes the inevitable happens and you may not foresee when you need to rearrange or cancel a planned event. In such instances we kindly ask that you contact us with any date changes to your events programmes as soon as physically possible.

Krystal Alliance & Associate Diaries
In most instances we may be able to accommodate a date change. However, without enough prior notice we may not be able to give you a date of choice if we are already booked for another event.

In addition, where associates have agreed to specific dates to deliver your events, they have prioritised their paid day of work and so if by any chance this is cancelled without time for associates to book in further work they are left with the detriment of an unpaid day, which could have been filled given the necessary notice.

Our Promise vs Our Agreement
We promise to deliver our bespoke tailored workshops to you as our esteemed clients, on time, with our greatest design and delivery as requested and agreed through our booking process. In the case of Our associates having to cancel and or change a date we promise to either have another associate on stand-by, and/or we will give no less than 2 weeks’ notice ahead of delivery in order for you our client to rearrange in good time.

Our agreement with you “our client”, gives us the upmost appreciation for your choice to work with Krystal Alliance, that we only ask for the same likewise. We understand that there will be exceptions to every rule and are extremely confident, that we will always be able to stick to our side of the agreement (barring emergency situations).

Protecting our Associates
In order to protect our associates time and out of pocket expenses we apply cancellation terms and fees as detailed below:

  • Cancellation with more than two weeks notice will not incur a fee.
  • 14 days prior to delivery – 50% of agreed contracted price is payable.
  • 7 days or less to delivery – 75% of agreed contracted price is payable.
  • 24hrs or less to delivery – 100% of agreed contracted price is payable.