AI and the Future of Technology in the Black Community

DATE: 24/11/2023
TIME: 6:30-8:30pm
TOPICS: Diversity, Race

We wish to invite you to our next network conversation (and our last of 2023!), which will be via Zoom on Friday 24th Nov at 6:30pm discussing ‘AI and the Future of Technology in the Black Community’.

The development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely to permeate many aspects of society. From healthcare, e-commerce to agriculture, with many commentators saying that the work market could radically change in 20 years’ time. However, while AI may offer equitable opportunities, there is a possibility that it may also maintain or exacerbates existing inequalities. So who will control and have access to this technology and how should the Black Community view this technology. To discuss these and other questions we will hear from a panel of expert that includes: Ritchie Neil (Senior Account Executive (Financial Services Market) at Salesforce), Kofi Oppong (Founder: Urban MBA), Kenny Maduanusi (Cybersecurity Professional), Daniel Yamoah (Strategic Account Manager at Salesforce). Other individuals will also be joining this debate.

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