BIW – Fireside Chat With John Amaechi

DATE: 11/05/2023
TIME: 16:00 to 17:00pm

TOPICS: Inclusion

Aggie Mutuma will be joined by John Amaechi as they have a fireside chat about the importance of Black inclusion , what the theme together in action means and what tangible action organisations can take as we continue on our journey to create a society that is fair and equal for everyone.

Aggie and John will discuss:

• What action looks like in organisations.
• The actions that organisations are taking now that are making change.
• Foundational action all organisations should take.
• The actions organisations should take going forward as they progress in maturity.
• Their Black Hero’s

John will also share his observations and his thoughts on authentic, inclusive leadership – this is certain to be an insightful event where everyone can take something away.

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