CQ Celebration 2022

DATE: 20/09/2022
TIME: 9:15am - 4:30pm

The View
The Royal College of Surgeons of England
38-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
London WC2A 3PE


Ritika Wadhwa
Rob Neil (OBE)
Dr. David Livermore (PhD)
Marsha Ramroop
Asif Sadiq (MBE)
Shereen Daniels
Antony Quinn
Syrus Lowe

TOPICS: Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

The First Global Conference Dedicated to Celebrating Our Differences with Cultural Intelligence.

There is something to everyone who attends; whether you’re a cultural intelligence expert, or just curious to dip your toe into the topic, our aim is to help you build your network and knowledge as you navigate one of the most important journeys in your professional or personal life.

On the agenda:

  • Highly relevant conversations and engagement with global Diversity & Inclusion leaders, racial equity champions, influencers, advisors, and authors.
  • Immersive Theatre Experience
  • Networking & Partnerships
  • Collaboration & Discovery Sessions
  • David Livermore’s Book Launch
  • Complimentary Awards Reception (Exclusive for Certified Facilitators)

Why should I attend CQ Celebration 2022?

Cultural intelligence [CQ] is the capability of an individual or group to adapt and operate effectively in a diverse range of cultural contexts. These include national, ethnic, organizational, generational and departmental (Ang & Lee, 2003).

In our working lives, developing our cultural intelligence capability improves how effectively we are able to work with and relate to people who are different from us. It’s a soft skill that is crucial for leaders and managers working in cross-cultural contexts in order to be able to communicate effectively in their roles. (Nosratabadi et al., 2019).

Like IQ [Intelligence Quotient], CQ can be measured AND improved.

CQ builds on your EQ [Emotional Quotient] to further enlighten, equip and empower your appreciation of the widest range of possibilities between the universal and the idiosyncratic.

CQ is literally your capability to understand and interact with people from different cultures or beliefs systems

CQ is your ability to utilise ever expanding information to adapt and function effectively in a range of culturally diverse contexts (Ang and Van Dyne 2008).

CQ activates all your senses to perceive how personalities you engage with are different from your culture, and the similarities that they may share with one another (Earley and Mosakowski, 2004).

CQ is the missing link, the secret sauce and our fundamental human instinct in building a bridge across any empathy gap.

CQ is the key to greater inclusion and a path to positive cultural change.

CQ is a journey to a better you!

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