Equality Leaders – Women’s Summit 2023

DATE: 09/03/2023
TIME: 9:35 AM - 5:00 PM

Virtual Event

TOPICS: Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Diversity, Equality

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ll be passing the mic onto women who speak their truth to power, continue to redefine an exclusionary status quo as women leaders, and are working in partnership with fellow change-making allies.

Women from across the globe share their stories, experiences, and insights to not only empower those already doing the work, but to also embolden aspiring change-makers.

Each of our panels hold space to explore what change needs to happen and the role allies play to show up in meaningful ways.


Our panellists will be exploring:

  • How women from different generations partner to co-create change?
  • What needs to change to reach true racial and pay equity?
  • How are women speaking up to resist marginalisation?
  • How does their cultural heritage inform the work they do now?


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