How to Be an Inclusive Organisation

DATE: 26/09/2022
TIME: 9:15 – 10:00


Janet Tarasofsky

TOPICS: Diversity, Inclusion

We might not like to think about it, but the moment we set eyes on someone, we begin to form an impression of them that is based on the colour of their skin, their gender – even their name. This is unconscious bias. It’s not the human brain that’s at fault for our biased behaviour; it’s the ideas, associations, and stereotypes that we acquire and pass on. We are predisposed to react, think, and feel in ways that are deeply embedded. The good news however is that since we have conditioned ourselves to think in these ways, we can think our way out of them. Join Janet Tarasofsky, who will be discussing:

The various types of unconscious bias
How they can affect inclusion in the workplace
And what we can do about it

National Inclusion Week takes place between 26th September-2nd October, and is a chance to celebrate diversity and explore how we can unite to create inclusive workplaces.

Pearn Kandola will be running a week long webinar series exploring how you can enhance inclusivity in your organisation. Their psychologists will offer guidance on:

How to be aware of and manage your own unconscious bias
How to be an inclusive team member
How to be an inclusive leader
How to make your recruitment process inclusive
How to ensure that your development processes are fair

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