Equality Leaders Men’s Summit 2022

DATE: 17/11/2022
TIME: 10:15 to 15:45 (GMT)



Antonio Bebba
Charles Hexter
Mahari Hay
Scott Sallée
Landa Mabenge
Tate Smith
Rob Neil OBE
Matthew Saliba
Errol McKellar MBE
Helena Russo
Martin Pong
Kat Parsons

TOPICS: Equality, Inclusion

Equality Leaders’ inaugural Men’s Summit, in dialogue with trailblazing men, change-makers, and allies who share their stories and experiences of living in a patriarchal culture defined by outdated modes of masculinity. Men will explore how they are redefining masculinity on their own terms to liberate themselves and embrace vulnerability to live their truest selves.

You’ll learn how trailblazing leaders and allies will:

  • Explore the unwritten rules of masculinity and how these have impacted lived experiences
  • Address the need for role models to change the narrative and begin nourishing new masculinities
  • Discover how men and allies can champion and advocate for change within a system that continues to undermine their mental health

Our mission as Equality Leaders is to make DE&I your everyday. We exist to accelerate learning journeys, craft spaces for bold and inclusive conversations, and provide the resources and tools to innovate equitable outcomes.

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