National Day for Staff Networks

DATE: 10/05/2023
TIME: All Day


TOPICS: Equality, Human Resources, Inclusion


The National Day for Staff Networks is the world’s only nationwide day dedicated to recognising networks/resource groups and the incredible value they add to the workplace. The next National Day for Staff Networks is Wednesday 10th May 2023

Networks are all about people; they are about progressive change; they are all about supporting the employee journey and inspiring a feeling of belonging. 

The purpose of the National Day for Staff Networks is to shine a light and recognise the multiple benefits that staff networks/resource groups offer and in so many cases offer their organisation. Research in 2020/21 showed that 51% of workers wanted to join a network as they returned to working in shared physical spaces. Nearly 40% of organisations relied on their networks to keep them informed on the wellbeing of employees.  Two years on, there is a worrying narrative emitting from parts of the media  questioning the value of diversity and inclusion. As part of this, staff network groups have also been undermined.

This year’s theme is to remind networks that standing together with other networks, their allies and sponsors = power.

The National Day for Staff Networks is all about making an inpact. It’s our day to tell everyone that “We are here” and our effort is #MakingWorkBetter

This year’s theme #StayingStrong is our focus. Encouraging members, allies, sponsors and wider colleagues to show their support by standing with you on 10th May as you lead the charge.

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