Race Equality Week 2023 – 5-Day Challenge

DATE: 06/02/2023
TIME: 5 Minutes per day - 6th - 12 February 2023


TOPICS: Equality

6th – 12 February 2023

The theme for Race Equality Week 2023 is #ItsEveryonesBusiness. This theme was chosen as 79% of respondents believe it would have a meaningful impact on tackling race inequality.

Overall, since the flurry of pledges many organisations were making back in 2020 to become more inclusive, which for many included black squares, signing charters and race action plans, progress in addressing racial inequality is proving to be a challenge.

Race Equality Matters’ survey highlighted that the majority of respondents felt very little had changed in the last 12 months. Whilst some organisations are now taking a nudge approach, which is starting to impact change. Many have struggled to know where to start.

The drive to achieve race equality has to come from everyone! And that’s where the 5-Day challenge comes in #ItsEveryonesBusiness


5 Challenges – 5 Minutes – 5-Days
Built by the Race Equality Matters Community.

There are DIFFERENT activities for all your colleagues to engage with each day of Race Equality Week – they include videos, articles, and activities to help your employees reflect and more importantly take action to drive Race Equality.

Each daily activity is 5 minutes. There are ready-to-go downloadable PDFS for each day that can be distributed to employees or accessed via your organisation’s employee portal.

On the last day, you will be ready to make a Big Promise.


There are many barriers to driving race equality, including a lack of understanding of what it feels like to be in others’ shoes and what it means to be positively inclusive.

Small changes can make a real difference in how people feel.

Culture can be measured by how your colleagues feel on a Sunday about coming to work on a Monday!

Over the next 5 days, we ask you to take 5-minutes each day to self-reflect and commit to action that will drive this change.

If we can involve the majority of your colleagues, if not everyone, within your organisation, we believe we will see a much-needed shift, in beliefs, cultures, behaviours, and outcomes for race equality.

That is why the 2023 Race Equality Week theme is #ItsEveryonesBusiness. The 5-Day Challenge will help.

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