Why Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leadership Matters for BAME Leaders

DATE: 27/09/2023
TIME: 15:00-17:00pm
TOPICS: Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

The role of Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership has never been more crucial, especially for leaders from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds aiming to propel the Race Equality Agenda. So, what transformative impact can these leadership paradigms offer?

Join us for “Why Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leadership Matters to Leaders from Minority Communities”. In this enlightening session, Jennifer will converse with inspiring leaders from Black and minority communities. These leaders have successfully applied the Above Difference Approach to dismantle barriers to inclusion while enhancing their leadership styles. Also, gain insights into how Jennifer has utilised Cultural Intelligence as the linchpin for her game-changing leadership model.For every leader and aspiring leader from minority communities, this is your call to action. Let’s redefine leadership, together.

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