Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability to function and relate effectively in culturally diverse situations and contexts.

We work with our key partners ‘Above Difference’ and Cultural Intelligence Centre (CQC) UK to offer highly interactive CQ training which focuses on the four CQ capabilities; Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action alongside the ten Cultural Value Orientations.

Cultural intelligence - Getting smart to make inclusion work

Is cultural intelligence (CQ) the ‘secret sauce’ to make your equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives bear fruit? In an increasingly global environment, working effectively with others across different boundaries is critical for a competitive advantage. It requires people who are sensitive to different cultures and perspectives, and can adapt their behaviour to built trust and collaborate effectively.

Join Nigel Cassidy and guests: Ritika Wadhwa, Chief Operating Officer at Cultural Intelligence Centre and Rob Neil, Director at Krystal Alliance, as we explore the benefits of seeking and improving your personal CQ, and the tangible commercial impact it can have for your organisation.

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