GENRE: Non Fiction
TOPICS: Black History, Society


For anyone that ever wondered why African, Caribbean, Indian and other people of the former British empire are here causing havoc, cultural change, and enhancing our cities.
Let’s take a wander down the history corridor that your school never did!

In this fantastic illuminating narrative, the exploration of the realities and legacies of empire, Sathnam Sanghera, demonstrates how so much of what we consider to be modern Britain is actually rooted in its imperial past.

Sanghera presents history of Empire in a way that brings the discourse alive not to anger, provoke or cause disharmony. Instead we are made to really understand the complexities of that history. We are also skilfully compelled to acknowledge and shown that people from other nations did not arrive on these shores illegally or by serendipity.

The book speaks volumes about the way history is taught under the current National Curriculum. The well-structured information is empowering, building genuine excitement to direct others to this enriching information. I encourage you to delve in and you can decide if there is more to the history you thought you knew!

Educational, informative and inclusive.