GENRE: Non Fiction
TOPICS: Health

How Not To Die

While the title of the book may seem odd or even slightly morbid, I found myself intrigued.

A lot of people, myself included are asking themselves how they can be healthier and take better care of themselves. What are the steps can I take, where do I start? This book taught me just how powerful the foods I choose to eat are; and how they can make a real and potent preventative impact. In some cases they can even reverse the manifestation and development of many serious chronic health conditions.

The author doctor Michael Greger presents scientific medical evidence in an easy-to-read narrative demonstrating the significance of dietary choices. My actionable attitude towards my food choices is forever changed after reading this book. I actively appreciate the connection between the intentions that drive an industry to ask specific questions and the influence those motives hold over the answers arrived at – for example, what motivates the medical industry to take the directions it takes? Is it being influenced in the best ways? I will leave you to read the book and make up your own mind.

REVIEWED BY: Kara Minto-Simpson