GENRE: Non Fiction
TOPICS: Equality, Racism, Society

The Anti-Racist Organization : dismantling systemic racism in the workplace

A potent, purposeful and progressive gamechanger!
The public murder of George Floyd generated a tsunami of attention to the issue of race, racism and, at the height of those waves of attention, the most challenging of questions… how can our places of work be anti-racist?

As a Black woman, Shereen Daniels has dived into her own lived experience of unfavourable treatment, navigated personal tidal waves of discrimination, bullying and harassment and surfaced from that perfect storm to offer this unapologetic, insightful and timely, prescription.

From the very first page, littered with heartfelt commendations, to the essential injunction posed 251 pages later, this unflinching book unfolds the genesis of racism and challenges the status quo, whilst still managing to inform, edify and shine a light on what needs to happen next.

With a potent mix of heart wrenching anecdotes and hard-nosed empirical facts, Shereen declares upfront [indeed you’ll find the disclaimer in her Preface], this book does not pander to whiteness nor does it seek to make the subject palatable for decision makers. Oh and there’s more, much much more. This book wastes no time trying to persuade the reader that institutional racism exists, it does and the struggle is real, so deal. There are no magic business cases, no quick fixes and no compromising buzz words.

This book is pithy, passionate and purposeful. The language used in this book is direct, clear and refreshing.

Shereen developed the “Four-Factor RACE Model” which uses a transactional acronym, namely Recognise the Problem, Analyse the Impact, Commit to Action and Empower for Change to evoke a transformational approach. Using a combination of specialist knowledge and general practitioner care rooted in action, this model acknowledges that racism needs specific intervention. In other words, osmosis alone will not heal us.

The final chapter does pose a lot of ‘how’ questions;

  • How can you use your presence?
  • How can you support others ; and
  • How can you practice equity across your entire ecosystem.

However, Shereen doesn’t leave it there, she kindly consults her pharmacy and concocts ‘The Final 10’ for your digest. Yep, a pithy list of ten principles to remember as you journey in creating your ultimate anti-racist organisation.

I shall resist the temptation to throw you any spoilers and so you’ll simply have to go read the book. Save to say, with her final words, Shereen does sound a call to action and you can pick up downloadable resources via