GENRE: Non Fiction
TOPICS: Leadership, Personal Growth

Unleash Your Leadership

I’m not a great fan of books that claim to be able to help me. I know this is my issue, not the authors’, but I always question why the author feels qualified to offer me advice (arrogant I know).

However, in this wonderful, accessible volume the author quickly shows why she is qualified to offer such gems as: “Worry is the enemy of clarity”. She is drawing on 25 years of international business experience, including decades of work as a coach with senior leaders; helping them to empower themselves and overcome the challenges of self-doubt that most (if not all) leaders experience.

The author brilliantly interweaves her deep understanding of the way the body and mind work and influence each other, with anonymised anecdotes from her clients; to illustrate breakthrough techniques that could help anyone gain or regain their confidence.

The author also takes the time to build in specific passages for women who may experience distinct challenges around empowerment, because of the environments in which they have grown up or in which we all work.

This is an important piece of writing, that I feel sure will help many people navigate their professional and life goals.

REVIEWED BY: Andrew McNeill